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Tooth Sensitivity

We’ve all felt that “ZING!” No not that “ZING!” from falling in love, I’m talking tooth sensitivity! That first bite of ice cream or sip of hot coffee in the morning or maybe even from breathing in cold air from outside, we have all felt tooth sensitivity at some point in our lives. There are a few leading causes of what makes us grip our cheeks when we’re hit by that sharp pain. Let’s dive in and maybe we can get to the bottom of what’s zinging you!

I’d say one of the most common causes of tooth sensitivity may actually be a build-up of plaque around the gum line. When bacteria gather and sit on gum tissue, your gums become very unhappy. Most of the time we avoid brushing the areas that are painful when in fact it is our body’s crazy way of pointing out the problem with a big flashing arrow saying “BRUSH HERE!” Using a soft bristled brush, some sensitivity toothpaste like Sensodyne and good old fashion floss you may actually get rid of your sensitivity problem in a short period of time.

Gum recession is also another common factor for sensitivity. This may require a little assistance on our part. Once you’ve been seen by one of our lovely hygienists they will determine if you have gum recession and between them and Dr. Tam or Dr. Tyler they will make some recommendations. Occasionally, they will suggest some gentle tissue build up surgery called Alloderm or they may refer you over to the gum specialist in more severe cases.

Have you been stressed out lately? Do you grind your teeth in your sleep or find yourself clenching your jaw on your drive home from work? These will also contribute to sensitive teeth. To treat acute attacks of pain from grinding you can take an anti-inflammatory. In other cases we can outfit you with a nightguard to absorb the forces you are putting on your teeth. In more severe cases, when you’ve ground teeth down too far, the Doctor can actually put a filling over top to cover up the nervy parts of your teeth.

So next time your teeth are a little more “Zingy” than normal just remember, it’s not love, it’s time to give us a call so we can take care of your sensitive issues!

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