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Fall in Love with a White Smile

Updated: Aug 20, 2021

We all love a pearly white healthy smile, am I right?

We have all tried those drugstore brands of toothpastes, strips and paint ons and have even have gone as far as brushing with baking soda and lemon! STOP what you are doing! We have the in's and out's of all things whitening up in here.

First of all, some of those products do work on a temporary basis , and some casue more harm than good. Strips and toothpastes can work for superficial stains but things like baking soda and lemon can cause a lot of tooth sensitivity and can actually pit your enamel where your teeth with then take up even more stain!

Where do we come in you ask? Well, we carry a variety of whitening products that guarantee a better result than some of the hocus pocus products out there. We have something for every budget, timeline and every stain level; we can even whiten you tetracyclin staining!

Come by and visit us for all your whitening needs and you will love your smile just in time for that upcoming wedding, birthday, or holiday!

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