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Practicing Gratitude in the Work Place

Updated: Sep 9, 2021

We're really focused around here at the office this time of year. Everyone has the holiday spirit and we're a merry bunch. The carols are playing the tree is about to be put up and our elf on the shelf is making her annual appearance. This is a time of year for reflection and a time to count our blessings. But why does this only come to mind during this time of year?

Moving into 2020 we have decided to practice having daily gratitude in the work place. We have the most wonderful team of hard working individuals and now is the time to showcase just that. We are starting with one another by helping eachother achieve our work goals. We are setting goals in the office for the new year. We are committed to helping each other achieve those goals so that each person gets to feel a continuous sense of accomplishment and we all develop communal responsibility. Too often we forget that our coworkers have their own responsibilities and we are only focused on our own individual agendas. It's time to appreciate all that each person brings to the table. We are smart, dynamic and strong but we can be even better when we begin to recognize and appreciate the diversity we each possess bust the box to get there.

2019 has been great but 2020 is going to be epic! We are committed to being better people for our patients, coworkers, family and friends and it starts by looking at all that we have not what we do not.

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