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March is Nutrition Month!

Updated: May 28, 2021

We’ve made it to March! Spring is around the corner and that means no more hibernation. This month around the office we’ll be focusing on nutrition and what it means for our oral health. The saying goes “you are what you eat” right? Well that rings true with the dentistry part at least and we’re going to dive into how.

It’s fairly common knowledge that sugar is not good for your teeth and can cause cavities but did you know that complex carbohydrates turn into sugar in your mouth as you’re chewing? This sugar is called amylase and when mixed with your saliva create sticky plaque forming bacteria that sits on your teeth. So even that sprouted 7 grain bread that you think is healthy, that same sugar forming amylase is still hard at work. Now we’re not suggesting you don’t eat that artisanal bread but what we are saying is that be aware! Rinse with some water after eating. Brushing 3 times a day seems like a great idea but it’s not always the most convenient. So rinsing with water can be fairly effective.

Next up, ACID! This is turning into a bit of a chemistry lesson I know but have you ever thought you were doing your body good by drinking a gallon of orange juice in week. Well, as great as all that vitamin C is the acidic content is off the charts and is not doing your teeth much good. Try alternative sources for getting your recommended intake of Vitamin C. Broccoli and Kale anyone? Usually you can achieve a good intake of vitamins by eating a simple salad and reducing your acid and sugar intake. We’re not even going to mention soft drinks. Let’s not get into why we all already know that stuff is off limits when it comes to a healthy diet. We will however say that we too like bubbley water. Adding some frozen strawberries or fresh cucumber and mint is an awesome alternative to soft drinks and you can’t feel bad about the kids drinking it either.

Speaking of drinking water, DRINK WATER! This is our not so subtle public service announcement to drink your WATER! We are all guilty of drinking way too much coffee and forgetting all about our friend water. Even the mineral content of water can help fortify your teeth and some cities have fluoridated water so you can tick that box too for cavity prevention. But water is a great way to neutralize an acid attack in your mouth as well as help with saliva production. Saliva production is also very helpful for preventing cavities. People who have a drier mouth also tend to be more cavity prone.

Lastly friends, munch on those cruciferous fruits and veggies as a quick snack. Not only will your body love all that fiber to compliment the water you’re now drinking but apples, celery and broccoli give you that mid-afternoon tooth scrub! Nature’s toothbrush. Having them prepped and sitting in lovely glass jars in your fridge at home or at the office will help you curb your junk food craving and the pretty display will make you want to grab them first.

Convenience is key. Keep it simple. Make it pretty. Have it within arm’s reach and ready to go. These will help with you developing healthier eating habits. So happy nutrition month everyone! Leave a comment and let us know your tips and recommendations for healthy eating.

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