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Get your Benefits Working for YOU!

Updated: May 28, 2021

So it’s January and it’s the time of year we resolute our lives, get our ducks in a row and take control of those pesky tasks we’ve been procrastinating since last year. We’ve got that 2020 vision in here and that’s why we’re refocusing on, YOU! Yes that’s right, our resolution is you! We want to do more for our patients in every way we can. Starting with helping you take advantage of something you pay into every month of the year, your health care benefits.

Many of you have dental benefits but don’t know what type of coverage you have or what you’re entitled to. It’s vital to check into your coverage in January so that you can begin using your coverage straight away. Your insurance provider will only give you your information they will not tell your health care provider a thing. They are doing a better job however of making your information more accessible to you by providing apps and having online dashboards so that you can navigate your coverage more easily. We can also assist you in translating your coverage as well. We have dedicated personnel to do just that; explain your treatment to you in plain language and help to liaison with your insurance provider.

The key to all of this is using your insurance. So many of our patients forget they have specific benefits and therefore don’t think to use it until the end of the year. But moving forward with your New Year’s resolution to take better care of yourself, let us help you out in the smile department. Let’s get your oral health at its best yet and get your insurance benefits working better for you!

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