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TMJ; What is it and Do you Have it?

Updated: Aug 20, 2021

Sore jaw or sore teeth? Do you know the difference between a toothache and TMJ symptoms? We have your guide to help you deal with jaw soreness.

First of all how do you know it's not a toothache? Well, does one tooth hurt or do a few teeth hurt? Are your teeth sensitive sensitive to cold or hot or sweet? Do you experience severe pain or headaches at certian times of the day or night? Chances are that if more than one tooth hurts, you have cold sensitivity and you get jaw spasims day or night you have what the dental world calls "TMD" or Temporal Mandibular Disorder. And yes, it's more common than you think, yes there are things you can do about it and most of the time you can get some relief with a few simple remedies and a little help from us!

You will need to book a short appointment so that we can determine if you do infact have TMD. At that time we may prescribe you a nightguard and some anti-inflammatories. If pain killers aren't your thing, you could opt for a intra oral massage from your RMT. These are GREAT! They not only feel good but it stimulates blood flow to the area and provides some pain relief at the same time. Along with your RMT you can add hot and cold compresses for 15 minute intervals.

While you are in peak spasim you may want to try eating a softer diet, restrict the amount of talking you are doing throughout the day and stay away from thing like gum and chewy foods. They will give your jaw an unwanted work out. Think of it like a sprained wrist. You wouldn't play raquet ball with a sprain would you? Your jaw needs a chance to recover so less use will help reduce the pain.

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