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Dental Care for Healthy Smiles
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Gum Disease is

Silent and

Often Painless

Hygiene Services

Gum disease is silent and often painless.  


As we age, the majority of people will have some degree of gum disease.  Gum disease is the loss of bone that support your teeth.  If too much bone is lost, it often results in mobile teeth and teeth loss.  Age, genetics, overall cleanliness of your mouth, systemic diseases and smoking are huge risk factors to just name a few.  When bacteria collect under your gums, they will chronically irritate the bone underneath causing bone to be lost.    Brushing twice daily and flossing daily are great ways to help prevent gum disease but often hardened bacterial colonies called tartar or calculus will accumulate underneath your gums despite your best efforts.  It is impossible for you to clean away yourself and requires your hygienist to remove the hardened tartar.   Continual monitoring of your gums is required to ensure that this silent disease is not present or progressing.  


Your treatment plan will be tailored to your situation.   In healthy individuals, it is recommended to come in for bi-yearly cleaning appointments.  If you do suffer from gum disease, your treatment options will be tailored specifically to you. 

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We Can Help you Achieve the


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Teeth Whitening

We can help you achieve that smile that you want by whitening your teeth.   To help achieve this, we have two systems.  One is a take home system using custom trays made personally to fit your mouth.   Whitening gel is applied to these trays.  It is important to have custom trays to deliver the whitening gel onto your teeth to prevent bleaching damage to your gums and prevent swallowing the whitening material.   This also ensures that the whitening material is not diluted by your saliva which may alter the effectiveness of the material. 


If you want a more instant and whiter smile, we offer ZOOM! whitening,   This is a laser activated whitening system done chair side in one session.   You would not require to wear trays daily at home for two weeks as is the case of the previous option discussed and you can get several shades whiter in less than 90 minutes.   This has become an economical option if you want the instant whiter smile. 

Dental surgery

Treating gums helping prevent further recession and possible restoration

Non-Surgical Gum Therapy

Gum grafting is a procedure that treats gum recession.  


Recession is when the gum around the tooth shrinks towards the root of the tooth.  This can occur as bone starts to be lost around the tooth and the gum follows.   Causes of recession can be due to overly aggressive brushing, poor oral hygiene, smoking, age, genetics and teeth grinding to name a few.  


A gum graft is used to try and curb further advancement of the recession by creating thicker tissue around the area.   Sometimes, after the gum graft procedure, we can even gain back some of the gum that was lost, though success is based on the thickness of the tissue achieved after the procedure.