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Additional Services
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Additional Services

If you have dental anxiety we have options to hel.


For some patients, anxiety to dental treatment is of great concern.  Our number one goal is to make you feel comfortable whether you require only local anesthesia or more to achieve this.   


If you have dental anxiety we have options to help.  


We have inhalation sedation available (nitrous oxide).  This will help you feel more relaxed during treatment.  You are conscious and you are able to drive home by yourself.  It is a very safe option and can be used on young children as well.  


If you require more, we offer oral sedation which is sedation achieved in the form of a pill.


If you require more, we can combine the two methods to provide moderate sedation by using medication and  nitrous oxide. 

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Root Canal Therapy, with all of it's advances is not as scary as it once was.

Root Canal Therapy

Root canal therapy is sometimes required to treat dental pain of teeth origin.  


The teeth houses nerves and nutrient channels in the centre of it.  Teeth are living structures and the nerves and nutrients are require during teeth development.   These nerves can sometimes be damaged due to trauma or decay.   When this happens, the canal that houses these nutrient channels and nerves become infected with bacteria that may result in pain and or abscess.   Root canal treatment will save the tooth by removing this infected tissue and replacing the canal space with a rubber material to help seal the canal and prevent future infection.  


Root canal therapy has come a long way in technological advances.  This has resulted in better comfort for the patient as the number of steps required for treatment is more streamlined.   It is not as scary as it once was and often can be completed in one session and often pain free.    

Root Canal Therapy
Waterdown Dental tooth extraction.jpg

Our #1 goal is to make you comfortable during extractions.


When all avenues have been considered and teeth are damaged beyond repair, extractions may be recommended.  Impacted wisdom teeth can also pose a problem and may be recommended for extraction.  


With modern dentistry, the goal is to try and save your natural teeth.  They are important for chewing, for self esteem and missing teeth can cause jaw problems as there are no longer stop supports for your jaw resulting in over closure. 


The number one goal is to make you comfortable during extractions and we have many ways to ensure that from local anesthetics, minimal sedation or inhaled sedation (nitrous oxide), oral sedation (pill) or a combination of both.   

TMJ Waterdown Dental.jpg

The first step is proper diagnosis of the problem and an appliance to relieve the pressure.

TMJ (TMD) Therapy

Tempormandibular joint pain or jaw pain can often result from grinding or clenching.   The cause of this is often not known, but a culprit of grinding or clenching at night might be stress.  Often, people are not even aware that they grind or clench when sleeping, but the forces generated can have many negative effects on teeth and the jaw.   Left untreated, jaw pain can increase, sore and sensitive teeth can result and the enamel on your teeth can be worn down.


Some of the signs and symptoms of TMJ may include:


1. Minimal opening and closing


2. Neck pain or headaches


3. Fatigue due to lack of adequate sleep


4. Popping sound in joint


5. Pain in the joint


6. Sensitive teeth


7. Sore muscles of chewing


Treatment can sometimes involve many disciplines such as physiotherapy, TMJ specialists, massage therapy and physicians.  However, the first step is proper diagnosis of the problem and an appliance to relieve the pressure off your teeth called a night guard. 

Sports mouthguard.jpg

Custom sports guards are a must for any contact sport

Sports Guards

Custom sports guards are a must for any contact sport. They can help prevent trauma to teeth during contact, or help lessen the severity of the trauma.  It can be the difference between losing a tooth during contact or not.  However, to achieve maximum protection, a properly fitting custom made sports guard is required.  

sports guard

A gentler approach for treating gum recession.


Alloderm grafting is a gentler approach to treat gum recession.  Previously the only way to treat gum recession was to harvest tissue from the roof of your mouth and transplant that tissue to the recessed area.   Alloderm is a regenerative graft that is packaged which will allow the patient to avoid a second surgical site to harvest this  gum tissue.    


Secondly this graft once hydrated is slipped under your existing gums to thicken the band of tissue to help prevent future recession.   The graft may even help promote healing that will recover the recession in some instances.  


Most patients feel very little discomfort after the procedure.  


If you have gum recession, talk to us to see if you are a good candidate for this treatment approach 

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